The Must Have Hand Held Blender Bamix of Switzerland

Published: 11th July 2009
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The Bamix is a Swiss made hand blender and food processor that has been manufacture for more than fifty years. It is the number one choice for professional chefs throughout the world. The main reason it has become the professional choice is it's extraordinary quality and versatility. Instead of taking the food to Bamix you take your Bamix to the food. You can use it right inside the jug or bowl of your choice or a saucepan right on the stove top.
This versatile machine will mix, mince, puree, emulsify, liquidate, aerate, whip, chop and grind.
If you are preparing soups, sauces, salad dressings or mayonnaise, delicious diet smoothies, shakes or fruit drinks, baby foods, light and fluffy meringues, pate's, fruit compote, cheese's, bread crumbs, herbs and spices, nuts and grains and much more....You will find that this quick and easy to clean light compact yet powerful machine is your perfect kitchen companion enabling you to switch from one job to another in a matter of moments.

Bamix cost more than many hand held blenders (but in the same way that when you buy a Rolls Royce or Cadillac you know you own the best there is and expect a lifetime of use from it)Bamix is no different. Bamix owners reap the rewards of its exceptional quality through years and years of daily use Bamix are built to last!

Chef Gordon Ramsay OBE the famous restaurateur, TV personality and 14 time Michelin Star winner has used a Bamix for almost all of his career.
He is quoted as saying "the Bamix Mixer can do things in the kitchen that seem to make ordinary dishes into something great!

In fact Gordon has chosen to endorse the Bamix by putting his name to one of the Bamix top of the range models The Gordon Ramsay Signature Edition.
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