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Published: 15th July 2009
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My Granny always told me "When you buy cheap you get cheap and there's no value in cheap"
I burnt out three or four cheap hand held stick blenders before I decided to pay the extra and buy the Swiss made Bamix Blender.I have owned my Bamix for almost ten years' now,. Granny was right If I had gone for the Bamix in the first place I would not have wasted all the money I paid for blenders that lasted me a matter of months.
Sure those cheap blenders looked good on the outside but it's what happens inside that is important. Bamix is truly the Rolls Royce of blenders. Its Swiss made 2 speed motor is not only extremely powerful but also whisper quiet and vibration free.
As soon as you use a Bamix you know you own a piece of professional kitchen. Its no wonder it's the number one choice in professional restaurants. In fact Master Chef Gordon Ramsay decided to endorse Bamix after using one for almost 20 years.
Bamix my number one choice when choosing a wedding gift for my many friends' nieces and nephews who have decided to spend their lives together over the last few years. Incidentally I always pass on Granny's advice.

My personal choice is the Bamix Deluxe. The model Gordon Ramsay Recommends for domestic use and has put his name to.

The Bamix Deluxe Signature Edition blender comes with three blades:
a mincer, a beater and a whisk.
It also has dry mill accessory, a free standing storage pedestal, an instruction DVD, and an excellent spiral-bound Bamix cookbook.

The Bamix Swissline This stylish model comes with three blades:

a mincer, a beater and a whisk
900ml Jug, Cookbook & DVD, Wet / Dry Mill, Swissline Stand

The Bamix Gastro the choice of most restaurateurs because of its longer wand for use in commercial saucepans etc.

comes with three blades:
a mincer, a beater and a whisk and a small stand

All models are Swiss Made from the finest materials. Have a motor and shaft that are built for vibration-free operation and almost no noise during operation.

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